Monday, March 26, 2012

Rumble in the Jungle -- The Tiger Approaches

There is movement in the tall grass.  The squirrel monkeys have gone silent.  A tree explodes into a blue-green cloud of birds pouring into the air.  Something is coming.  Predator?  Tame?  Suddenly the dark edge of the green jungle shudders. Whatever it is, the rumble requires we take it seriously.

Ok, a bit one is really sure what the size and scope of this thing (equity crowdfunding) that is coming.  We know one thing:  don't catch it by the tail only!

To that end, I am very pleased that all things are moving ahead swiftly, and (so far) smoothly.  I have talked with the top brass at many of the crowdfunding platforms (some great people) and will talk to the others in the next day or so.  We will come together this Friday via conference call... a veritable summoning of the 12 families, so it meld together in some motley mass to kick start the First Annual Crowdfunding Conference (San Fran, late June), and continue the work of forming a crowdfunding trade association. 

I am just waiting for someone to speak up and say this is already underway...but till that time, I guess tag I'm it.  Which is ok, and makes sense as we (CrowdFund Securities are the only major platform-neutral player on the field (yet).

If you are a player in the new equity crowdfunding game, or expect to be, drop me an email at and I'll get you plugged in.

A few other updates.

To date, since last Wednesday, our count of submissions on our site for companies or individuals wanting to raise financing via crowdfunding is 141.   We have to find a way to cull them quickly, and I hate to do that.  A subject for another blog.  But for now, we are adding a retainer fee.  Otherwise we could easily fail in our mission by trying to appease everyone with an idea.  And I mean everyone.

I talk to about 3 a day, including over the weekend, and they take about 30 min to an hour each, for the initial call.  So, you can do the math.  Getting to everyone will be monumental.  And I am not expanding to more mouths to feed till we just have to.  So, if you have submitted a request using our Seeking Money form, please do realize that we have a retainer of $500 to $3,000 up front (varying for our estimates as to the size of the deal plus time required).  But you will also see that a large portion of our work happens up front, and thus it is also necessary compensatorily (word?).  

Also we are moving forward with helping form a crowdfund solely focused on film finance.   More news coming.  If you want more info, or want to be involved, drop me an email.

Ok, enough from Marlett for now.  I've got hours to go before I sleep.  Heady times.


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