Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The NLCFA Passes Mach 4

I was reminded today of how long it has been since I last wrote here, and how the heading was wrong, and how even the URL link to the National Crowdfunding Association was still showing the old long version. (now changed to our shorter URL:  And so, I am sitting down to write.

A million things have happened since April 9th, my last posting.  The National Crowdfunding Association has accelerated to something like Mach 4, pulling about 6Gs, and we've already had a few pass out from the loss of blood to the noggin.  But such is the nature of an explosive start.  Though we aren't slowing down, and the G force may be not to your liking, there is some good news:  we will be arriving at a more comfortable cruising altitude soon.

I am very proud not only of the hundreds of our members coast to coast, but the numerous leaders among them who have taken on an assortment of committees and initiatives, making them their own and heading out into those non-profit wildernesses.  (If you have ever done it, you know why I refer to it as such.)  And I am particularly proud of our board members, each of whom are really more staff, cook, toilet washer, diplomat, leader, greeter and baggage carrier, all in one.  Such is the nature of an interim, appointed board.  They have been a steady support to not only me and each other, but the entire organization.  We simply could not be where we are without the dedicated support, energy, and yes paramount patience (with me) of this group.

A sea change is upon us in this country, though few know about it yet.  Soon will come new hope, new ideas, a new entrepreneurial spirt, as people realize they will be able to seek and obtain new capital for their start-ups, their small businesses, their ideas.  That is revolutionary.  But to get the most from this new law (which kicks in ostensibly at the top of 2013) it is imperative that a unified, strong voice work with the SEC to keep the strong investor protections in place while also insuring a broad, free marketplace for the crowdfunding concept to flourish.  Thus, to be that voice to the SEC, and to launch crowdfunding across this country, we needed strong associations, collectives, groups to form quickly and effectively.

Yes, I am the first to admit that I have made some mistakes over these past few weeks.  Trust me, I am not finished making them.  But I am proud that we have built an organization of hopefulness, inclusivity, openness and transparency.  We have consistently reached out to our detractors, sought common ground, and still do so today.  Meanwhile we have marched forward, toward our goal of broad education about crowdfunding, empowering cities, organizations, universities and all sorts of communities across the country to gear up, suit up, be ready for the new opportunities coming their way.

We are open about our goals, our purposes, our objectives.   We have much to do, from getting our new website up and running, to launching our conference, to solidifying the initiatives we have begun and the ones to come.  The harvest is plenty.  We welcome you to join us.  You can come aboard and grab an oar, or come along for the ride as we set to sea.  You can be a voting member and help shape this organization, or a non-voting member and use the NLCFA to further your own education about crowdfunding.  Regardless, I hope you come to, kick the tires, and see if we might be right for you... if now might the ideal time to join and get involved.  And if your decision is to wait, that's cool too.  We will keep growing exponentially, and will welcome you now as we approach 500 members just as we will in a few months as we approach 5,000.

I'll wrap this up with two pledges:  The first that I will try to get on here two or three times a week, updating you, giving you a reason to come back.  And second, that the NLCFA will remain open and welcoming, without concern for what other organizations you may join, focused instead on the greater good, the crowdfunding industry as a whole, and the success of ever entrepreneur from coast to coast.

Que the music.


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